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Elisabeth Pwns. [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 27th 2:43pm]
this summer has been alright. i finally have my priorities straight. music has been consuming my everything. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG. EVEYRYRYHTHTHTTHITITNGINGINGINGINGIGNGINGINGING. and i wouldnt have it any other way. it makes me so happy. i wish i could date music in human form.
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April 6th 12:49pm]
i love music. GOD. I LOVE MUSIC.
it is THE BEST thing that has EVER happened to me.

February 17th 3:07am]
we're over. he broke up with me and told me it'd be better if i were dead. why can't i meet a guy who's in love with me? who loves me for me? i want to meet a musician. i want to meet someone who is so in love with music they cry listening to it. i want to fall in love and not be able to move. i need someone who takes my every thought and runs.

January 29th 5:33pm]
why did i ever let someone tell me music shouldn't be my life?
seans really hurt me. i can't tell him, though. he said i'm too expressive. gkhdfg.

January 20th 11:46am]
i'm so incredibly devoted to music right now. more so then ever.........
seans really upset my time is going to that.

January 13th 11:01am]
WOW. it's been forever since i've updated..
christmas was really nice. new years went alright. sean got mad at me for laughing at vincents joke. so, as we were counting down.. sean walked away from me. but, around 1.. things got a little better. it makes me sad.. i really don't think im in love with him. i think i was in love with the fact i had a boyfriend. i just don't think relationships should hurt this bad. maybe i'm deserving of it, though?

December 7th 5:59am]
i can't sleep. sean called me and told me he expected me to call him this morning to wake him up, but i slept in and he was pissed. he told he doesn't know why he's dating me. fkjghkdfgjhdkjfg. this sucks.

December 6th 9:57pm]
i gave sean a huge kiss today. he told me hes embarrassed of me.

November 29th 7:55pm]
sean and i have argued a lot lately
he told me it'd be better if i just wasnt in his life and i was a huge mistake. ive been crying a lot. i thought he cared.

November 23rd 3:27pm]
happy thanksgiving
seans in town
but ive had no action

which is so incredibly depressing
maybe later today?? =]
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October 30th 3:56pm]
im very happy
this weekend was the best weekend of my life
sean and i made out for like 30 hours straight
it was magnificent
i love having a boyfriend, i love having sean

sean slept over saturday night
he said i was the firs thing he saw before he went to bed
and the first thing he saw when he woke up
and he liked that

im so excited to see him for thanksgiving :]
more making out and other stuff ;]

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October 1st 2:22am]
i really would mind seeing sean right about now
its getting bad, now.
i want him

September 7th 8:05pm]
im tired
and sick of everything

except sean
well, im sick of not seeing him
but thats it

and i kind of want to sleep
bc of these powerful meds

=] tis all, beeches.

September 3rd 7:56pm]
im tired of these gay commercials on tv
about our new governer & who to vote
its not like any of us live in tallahassee
and if any of us do, they should move back to port orange
with their girlfriend.

September 1st 10:37pm]
my boyfriend wont let me see him dance

that pisses me off.

August 31st 10:59am]
it's so funny
nobody liked the vibe that the people at brian's funeral were letting off
i didnt.

the thing that makes me wonder
is how the hell could he have cried about brian
and been the holder of his casket

what a assholes.
i hope they forever live down
knowing they killed the only person
who could've brought them out of their
sick and twisted ways

it's funny.
they held his life in their hands when he was dying
and dumped it into the water
and they held his life in their hands
when he was dead.

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August 30th 8:19am]
last night i woke up around three in the morning and i was pale white, like it looked like i died. i was really cold. i couldnt get up, i layed there in so much pain, so my mom came in and she saw that and she flipped out and got the thermometer and saw my temp was 103.5.

she took me to the hospital and they did all these tests on me, and i just got home for some clothes and now i have to go back.

i dont have my cell with me or anything else, so dont bother calling

wish me luck.
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August 29th 10:54pm]
sean i dont doubt us getting married in the future.

i fucking love him.
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August 29th 10:44pm]
my invitation to sex skills are going to suck
considering i wont see sean for 2 months.
great, ill be the worlds worst kisser.

hiiiiiiiii, i suck!
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August 29th 8:23am]
my family seriously sucks.
i want to move out and live alone.
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